The Tack Addict - 5 Benefits of Shopping at Consignment Stores

The Tack Addict - 5 Benefits of Shopping at Consignment Stores

Many people love to shop ‘til they drop, but there’s no shopping experience quite like consigning. It’s a dream-come-true for shopaholics as it offers pre-loved, designer items that come at half its original retail price, making it an ideal place for getting bang for the buck purchases. 

Savvy shoppers also swear by consignment stores as it displays racks of secondhand items that are still worth the buy - from gently-used clothes, higher-end shoes, brand-name furniture, and other quality collectibles at unbeatable prices. 

The list below explores what draws fashion-forward deal hunters to consignment stores and why you should tag along for a noteworthy thrifting experience: 


Benefit #1: Same Brands, Less Money 

Those who are skeptical about adding secondhand items to their cart will see the allure of consignment shops as it offers aisles of stylish items that are otherwise hard to find at malls. Items like handbags, pieces of clothing, and jewelry have exceptional quality in spite of its price tag lowering at up to a whopping 75% off the retail price. 

Not to mention, reputable consignment stores only accept pre-owned items that are in their best shape for the store’s inventory. 

Benefit #2: Earth-Friendly Shopping

Consigning is not only good for the wallet, but it also supports the environment. It reduces the carbon footprint from the manufacturing process, such as cutting back on the use of crude oils like petroleum to produce modern clothing fabrics like synthetic fibers. 

Americans alone throw away 10.5 million of clothing every year, so thrifting at consignment stores is a step forward a sustainable fashion movement. Shoppers can also breathe new life to old garments that would otherwise have wound up in a landfill, allowing you to minimize pollution in style. 

Benefit #3: Different Brands, One Stop

Hunting for items can be fun, but hopping from one store to another at malls can be tiring and time-consuming. Consignment stores offer one-stop access to different brands, allowing fashion enthusiasts to buy in bulk from different names in one go and for lesser prices. 

Consigning is also available online, so shoppers from across the world can get the best deals all within a click of a button. 

Benefit #4: Unique Items and Finds 

You can find it all at consignment stores, from seasonal clothing, one-of-a-kind items, rare brands, and other hidden treasures off-the-rack. Stores at malls typically showcase the retailer’s select assortment, so if you’re on the hunt for exclusive finds, consignment stores are your hot-ticket for a unique shopping experience. 

In addition to offering variety, consignment stores also refresh their inventory every week. This means anyone can find something new at every visit, so it’s best to put any one-of-a-kind pieces to your cart as most stores only have one stock on-hand. 

In Conclusion 

Shopping at consignment stores offers a unique and instant gratification as it provides people with endless options all for a friendly price. In addition to saving money, thrift items also ensure you’re shopping for a good cause as pre-loved items reduce wastes from the manufacturing and textile industry. With consignment shopping, you can get the best deals on style and sustainable fashion. 

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